Needle and Thread Size Chart

Ever wonder which needle sizes to use with your thread? Here’s a useful chart to help you out.


Click HERE to download a high resolution printable version of this chart.


needle/thread chart




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5 Responses to “Needle and Thread Size Chart”

  1. paula opala Says:

    excellent tip, thankyou

  2. paula opala Says:

    excellent tip,thankyou

  3. Bob Says:

    The Needle and Thread Size Chart is very useful, but the thread sizing system is not given. I’m guessing it’s the TEX system. Please advise if it is other.

  4. admin Says:

    Bob you are correct, the thread system used is the Tex system.

  5. Anatoly Says:

    Thank you! Very usefull!
    As I understand, bigger numbers meen bigger phisical size?
    Also, may I use thinner thead with bigger needle? What range?

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